Shop Hop – January/February 2006

Full Line Stencils™ and Quilt Pounce
Full Line Stencils™ provide a quick, simple way to transfer designs. With no breaks to fill in,
you save time in marking. Stencils come in a variety of designs and sizes. Use a Quilt Pounce to mark
stencils accurately and quickly. Swipe the pad over the stencil, quilt, and then iron to make the chalk
lines disappear. Both products are designed for hand or machine quilters. Stencil retail price:
$2.99 to $11.99. Pounce retail price: $15.99.
Vintage Textile Soak™

Vintage Textile Soak™ promises to give your antique quilts and linens new life. Results
vary, but customers have reported great luck in removing even acid stains on items stored in
cedar chests for many years. Retail price for a one-pound bag: $9.98
Thread Cutter Pendant
Clover’s thread cutter pendant is patterned after one used by quilters long ago. It is designed with
a sharp circular blade inside and may be worn around the neck or placed atop a thread spool. Threads
may be cut using any of the pendant’s grooves. Retail price: $6.75.
Make Your Own Quilt Labels!
Over 30 labels are in each of Kim Churbuck’s nine Make Your Own Quilt Labels!
booklets. Complete instructions, tips on shading and coloring, and two sets of alphabets
are included with each whimsical booklet. To order, call (563)324-8128. Retail price: $10.00.
Elaine’s Spool Cushion
This two-in-one pincushion/spool holder is handcrafted using felted wool and wood. The base and
spindles are made of red cedar. To keep track of your favorite thimble, place it atop the
pincushion spindle. Retail price: $22.00.

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