Sewing Curved Seams – 2

We take the worry out of sewing curves.

1. After cutting the background and the half-circle and quarter-circle pieces, mark each piece by making small clips as indicated on the patterns (Photo A).
2. Working with the background on top, pin pieces together at the marks, taking a small “bite.” At the end of the seam, align pieces and pin, taking a large “bite” (Photo B).
3. Align pieces at beginning of seam. Stitch to the first mark. Use your fingertips or a wooden skewer or stiletto to keep curved edges aligned as you sew (Photo C).
4. Leaving the needle in the fabric, raise the presser foot. “Fluff” the top fabric back toward where you have sewn (Photo D).
5. Align curved edges and stitch as before, stopping with needle in the fabric, fluffing, and aligning as necessary. The ending edges should be aligned. Sew to the end of the seam (Photo E).
6. Gently press seam allowances toward background piece.

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