Sew You Want To Be A Quilter – November/December 2006

sew Y O U   W A N T   T O   B E   A quilter
An Amish horse and buggy and several moose wander among the rustic farmhouses, white-steepled church, and little red schoolhouse. Several miniature quilts are also pictured on the quilt game board.
Players all start in the gazebo and take turns rolling the die and answering quilt trivia questions. After answering correctly, a player may pick any path and move her spool clockwise. The object is to visit all four quilt stores.
“Shop Hop” spaces allow players to jump to another location. Other spaces, called “Perks” and “Quirks,” allow players to draw a card that will speed up or slow down their progress.
Plan a game night party—provide notions or fat quarters for prizes, plenty of chocolate and snacks, and enjoy this fun new trivia game designed just for you!


Are you a quilting novice or an experienced stitcher? Try to answer these questions excerpted from the game to determine your knowledge of quilting history, techniques, and patterns. For more fun at home or a guild meeting, play Sew You Want to be a Quilter, A Shop Hop/Quilting Trivia Game.

1.What is the generally accepted “life span” of cotton fabric: 70, 80, 90 or 100 years?
2.What quilt pattern commemorates the founding of New Orleans in 1718?
3.What is sometimes referred to as the “Perfect Portable?”
4.Flour and feed sacks featuring geometric or floral designs did not appear in America until what decade (19_0s)?
5.What was the first electric household appliance? (It was introduced at the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893.)
Sew you want to be a quilter. A Shop Hop/
            Quilting Trivia Game 6.This slave woman made two “Bible Story” Quilts—one is in the Smithsonian, the other in the Boston Fine Arts Museum. Who is she?
7.What is the purpose of the “groove” on a needle?
8.The first cotton prints in America were made by John Hewson between 1778 and 1780—what were they called?
9.Rule of thumb, it is better to machine quilt on the bias first and then with the grain last. True or False?

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