Sew & Tell – May/June 2007

Christmas Sewing Project
My grandson and I
made this Rail Fence quilt in one week while he was visiting me at Christmas.
He selected the fabric, did the cutting, machine piecing, and ditch quilting himself,
with only a few instructions from me. I am a subscriber to your magazine. This pattern
is from the March/April 2000 issue of Love of Quilting.
Hazel Spindler, Marshfield, WI
Geometric Quilting
As a geometry teacher,
I was drawn to the Charming Diamonds quilt in the January/February 2003 issue of
Love of Quilting. My students enjoy seeing geometry used in places other than
their textbooks. I made two quilts and plan to donate one to the school when I retire.
Patricia Bilski, Belleair, FL
Quilted Hug
When I found out my brother
had cancer, I decided to give him a huge sibling hug by making him a quilt. Because
we were born and raised in Minnesota, the northwoods style Gone Fishin’ in
your May/June 2005 issue seemed just the quilt for him. Your magazine is wonderful;
continue the good work.
Maxine Burroughs, Beatrice, NE

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