Sew Many Tips – May/June 2007

Pin Labels
Use a fine-tip permanent marker to write row numbers on block positions on flowerhead pins. Place pins in quilt blocks to identify where they will be placed in your quilt.
Rita Lerch, Rising Sun, MD
Removing Chalk and Pencil Lines
I use a lightly moistened Mr. Clean® Magic Eraser to remove chalk and pencil lines from fabric.
Caroline Reger, Geneva, OH
Tidy Bobbins
I had a problem with thread unwinding from the bobbins in my bobbin case. I bought 7/16″-diameter clear plastic tubing from a hardware store and cut it into small rings. I cut through one side of a ring and clip it around the bobbin. The thread stays neat and tidy, and I can easily see the thread color.
Jan Grummer, Ventura, IA
Scratch Protector
Cover your sewing machine table with Glad® Press’n Seal™ to protect it from pin, needle, and scissor scratches. The plastic wrap contains no adhesives, so it will not damage the surface of the table. It will peel off easily, leaving no residue.
Patty Goodsell, Arivaca, AZ
Machine Quilting
I cut the tips off the thumb and forefinger of both of my machine quilting gloves. As I’m quilting, I can pick off stray threads or rethread the needle without taking off my gloves.
Mary-Jeanine Ibarguen, Altamonte Springs, FL

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One thought on “Sew Many Tips – May/June 2007

  1. I recycle the folded(not the sold) cardboard that some of the material is wrap on, I cut them down to 71/2", 15" & 12", I then fold & wrap my material around the cardboard and secure it with Velcro reusable ties (you can also cut these in half & make sure you put the fuzzy side of Velcro on the inside that way they don't stick to each other when you store them. I find the Velcro better then a pin that will rust,& a rubber band that will break.