Sew Many Tips - March/April 2006

Handy Thread Organizer
When using my emroidery machine to sew multi-colored design, I select all of my threads before starting to stitch. I use an egg carton to hold the spools while I stitch the embroidery. I number the sections of the egg carton with the thread sequence numbers and place the spools in the carton in the correct order. After stitching, I replace each spool so I can repeat the design if necessary.
Barbara Bedell, Liverpool, NY
Stabilizer Solution
I like to use water-soluble stabilizer on a roll for embroidery projects, but found it difficult to find the end of the roll. Now, I cut the stabilizer with pinking shears so the edge left on the roll is jagged and much easier to find.
Kristen Corley, Cedar Park, TX
Safety Reminder
Whenever I plug in my craft iron, stencil burner, or jewel wand to preheat, I slip a large, bright-colored ponytail elastic on my wrist. If I am called away by the phone, someone at my door, or some other distraction, the band on my wrist reminds me that my tools are on and require my immediate return.
Brenda Beckstrom, Provo, UT
Copies on Fusible Web
When I need many pieces for a fusible appliqué project, I copy them with my printer/scanner/copier. I cut pieces of fusible web 81/2" x 11" and print the pieces on the fusible web.
Jayne Reuer, Aberdeen, SD
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