Sew Many Tips – July/August 2006

No Lost Patterns
When I buy a quilt pattern and don’t purchase the fabric at the same time, I make a color copy of the quilt picture and print the materials list on the back. When I am ready to purchase fabric, I take the copy to the store, eliminating the risk of losing the real pattern. A folded copy fits nicely in my purse.
Linda Madsen, Pocahontas, IA
Rotary Ruler Handle
To make a handle for your rotary cutting ruler, purchase a woodworking push block. Use double-sided carpet tape to attach the handle to your ruler. If desired, attach dots of sandpaper to bottom of the ruler to keep it from slipping.
Maralyn Maxfield, Pulaski, TN
No-Tangle Binding
To keep quilt binding from tangling, roll it up and put a shoestring or heavy cord through the center. Tie a knot in the cord and put it around your neck. Binding will feed nicely off the roll as you attach it to your quilt.
Janet Hardin, West Alexandria, OH
Tie a Quilt
A quick way to finish a quilt is to tie it from the back side. Use embroidery floss that matches the front. After tying, bury the threads in the batting for a cleaner look.
Eleanor Mazourek, Neillsville, WI
Instruction Saver
If you have paper instructions that you need to preserve, use clear book cover adhesive plastic to seal both front and back. You can also protect pattern covers this way.
Paula King, Clinton, OK

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