Sew Many Tips – January/February 2006

Wrap Up a Quilt
Wrapping quilts for gifts can be challenging. I purchased a laundry basket to put a quilt and matching pillow in, and bought a plastic tablecloth to wrap the basket. I tied the ends of the tablecloth in a large bow.
Kathleen Cintavey, Olmsted, Oh
Ling Brushes
Small paintbrushes come in handy to clean lint from the bobbin case area of your sewing machine.
Lois Rasmussen, Sioux Falls, SD
Choosing a Stencil
When I go shopping for a quilting stencil, I take along a photocopy of a corner of my quilt. This way, I can try out different stencils in the store to see which one I like best.
Barbara Braun, Brooklyn Center, MN
Rotary Cutter ID
Attach a key chain with beads to your rotary cutter before you go to a class or retreat so you can easily identify your cutter. The chain is easily removed when you get home.
Rosanne Panter, Elkhart, KS
Filing System
I used to spend hours looking through back issues of magazines for a specific project. Now, I scan the front cover of each magazine and put the table of contents on the reverse side, highlighting the projects I’m interested in making. I store the pages in a binder, making projects easy to find later.
Judi Blezek, Glenwood, IA
Runaway Foot Control
At a quilting retreat, the foot control of my machine kept running away from me. I placed a floormat from my car under the foot control to keep it in place. It worked so well that several others did the same.
Barb Spencer, Creston, IA
Paper Plate Organizer
I recently made a quilt with 1,560 pieces and 195 blocks. To organize the project, I placed the pieces for each block on an inexpensive paper plate. I stacked up the paper plates, and as I completed each block, put the empty plate on the bottom of the stack. When I reached the bottom of my stack of plates, I knew that I had completed all of my blocks.
Sally Mortenson, St. Paul, MN
Organizer Tray
I purchase ice cube trays at garage sales. They are perfect for arranging thread spools in sequence for embroidery machine designs. I use them to organize bobbins as well.
Barbara Clark, Cedar Rapids, IA
Sticky Situation
To remove residue on fabric left by fusible web, I clean the area with rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball. It removes the glue and dries clear.
Wendy Kay, Castle Rock, CO
Time to Sew
When I sew, I use a digital cooking timer in my sewing room to keep me from losing track of time and sewing too long. This way, my family doesn’t get neglected, and I’ll be able to continue to quilt in the future with no complaints from my family!
Karen Orlando, Stroudsburg, PA
Pattern Organizer
I use a 3-ring binder and clear plastic sleeves to keep loose quilt patterns organinzed. When I watch quilting shows on TV, I jot down the instructions, type them later, and insert them into a sleeve in my book. My patterns are all protected, organized, and easy to see.
Mary Sue Haag, Maxwell, NE

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