Trimming Oversize Hourglass Units

In this Sew Easy lesson, the Fons & Porter staff show you how to trim oversized hourglass units. This is a great way to make accurate hourglass units every time. Hourglass units are used in numerous types of quilts – from patriotic quilt patterns to modern quilts – so learning how to do them correctly and in mass is only going to help you grow as a quilter!

About Trimming Oversize Hourglass Units

Suggested Quilt Patterns Using This TechniqueNature’s Stars Quilt, Hourglass Runner Quilt, School Girl–Hourglass Quilt

Learn How To Do This Quilting Technique

In this quilting tutorial, the Fons & Porter staff show you how to trim down hourglass units using a special ruler, Square Up. If you’re looking for another quilting video tutorial on a particular technique, check out our Sew Easy lessons to find it there.

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