Piecing Glorified Nine Patch Quilt Patterns

Are the curved seams in the glorified nine patch quilt block intimidating to you?If so, check out these tips for piecing the classic quilt pattern – we promise to take it slow and highlight how simple these units can be! You’ll learn how to work with curved piecing – a quilting must! The glorified nine patch differs from a traditional nine patch as it adds melon or football-shaped units along the sides that can be tricky for some to stitch together – or so it might appear at first. As Colleen Tauke – the sewing specialist at Fons & Porter – notes, a little pinning can make these quilt units much simpler than they might look! Whether you make templates to cut the pieces for this quilt the traditional way, or speed up the process by using the Glorified Nine Patch Template set, you’ll love stitching this classic pattern.

About Glorified Nine Patch

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