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Message from Liz & Marianne
Sew Easy lessons are techniques we think make quilting easier and more fun! You can find more Sew Easy lessons in our Love of Quilting magazine.
Sew Easy lessons are either written or viewed as a video. Many of our videos are found on, and require that you register for free, to access your free Sew Easy videos. Registering is a terrific way to keep all of your videos organized in one place for easy access whenever you need it. All you have to do is sign in!
Happy Quilting! – Liz and Marianne


60º Braid
Stitch a fancy-looking quilt braid easily with this tried-and-true technique. Put together using half hexagons with the The Fons & Porter Hexagon Ruler.

60º Pyramids
The Fons & Porter staff show you how to make 60° pyramids using the 60° Pyramid ruler.

60º Diamonds
The Fons & Porter staff teach you how to make 60° diamonds using the Fons & Porter 60° Diamond Ruler.

60º Quilt Triangles and Diamonds
Learn how to cut quilt triangles and diamonds the easy way to construct quilt stars among other shapes, like those seen in the Blue Lagoon quilt.

Album Cross Template
Learn how to use the Fons & Porter Album Cross Template for trimming your quilt blocks. This tutorial is demonstrated by a member of the Love of Quilting staff.

Apple Core Piecing
Learn curved piecing using Fons & Porter’s Apple Core Template. Also learn how to make a patchwork quilt from layer cake squares.

Appliqué (Interfacing)
Learn how to make perfect appliqué! Make smooth, round edges for circles in Fond Memories from the Sept/Oct 2015 issue of Love of Quilting.

Appliqué (Invisible Machine)
Follow these steps to learn how to do invisible machine appliqué with the Fons & Porter staff.

Appliqué (Needle-Turn)
The Fons & Porter staff shows you how using short, small stitches hides your seams without gathering them. If you’re interested in learning more about appliqué – raw-edge, prepared-edge, and needle-turn – check out The Quilter’s Appliqué Workshop book!

Appliqué (Reverse)
Use freezer paper to make reverse appliqué circles. It’s not as hard as you might think! Then try your skills out on the Writer’s Block quilt.

Appliqué (Unit Method)
Use this method to assemble appliqué units before fusing them to the background. Use a mechanical pencil that washes out of fabrics, Sulky’s Totally Stable Iron-On, Tear-Away Stabilizer, and the Fons & Porter Pressing Sheet for a great appliqué experience every time!

Appliqué (Windowing Fusible)
Use this easy method for your next quilting project to reduce bulk in fusible appliqué. You can find printed instructions for this method here. To make your experience with windowing fusible appliqué, use Sulky’s Totally Stable Iron-On, Tear-Away Stabilizer, the Fons & Porter Chenille & Appliqué Scissors, and the Fons & Porter Portable Ironing Pad.

Bias Strip Piecing 
Get step-by-step instruction on how to make multiple 1¼” finished triangle-squares quickly from bias strips. This interesting technique is great for accuracy and uniformity. You can use these triangle-squares in the Happy Happy quilt found in the Quilting Quickly Fall 2014 issue.

Binding a Quilt
The Fons & Porter staff teach you how to cut, sew, and perfectly bind your quilt. Jean and Colleen recommend starting the binding along one side of the quilt instead of at the corners to make binding easier. The Fons & Porter Binding Tool will make your experience go smoothly.

Binding (Continuous Bias Binding)
Make your own bias from a fabric square. Use bias binding for quilts with curved edges or when you want a stripe to appear to spiral, or plaid binding to be on the diagonal. The Perfect Binding Card offers tips on making the perfect binding and reminders on how to make continuous bias binding.

Binding (Inside Quilt Corners)
Use this technique to bind a quilt with scalloped edges or inside corners.

Binding (Plush Fabric) 
In this Sew Easy lesson, the Fons & Porter staff share their secrets for easy binding using stretchy fabric. Use this technique with quilts like Chase the Rainbow.

Binding (with Piping)
Learn how narrow piping can be used to add a finishing touch to your quilt binding. If you’re interested in even more instruction, Worry-Free Binding Every Time with Liz Porter includes information on basic binding, mitered corners on binding, finishing your binding, and binding with piping.

Bobbin Work
Try Janet Pittman’s technique to embellish quilt appliqué using pearl cotton in your machine’s bobbin. To get your bobbins in order, use a magnetic bobbin holder or Bobbin Saver bobbin ring.   

Chenille Channels
We offer 3 different methods for cutting Chenille. Try them all and choose your favorite! You might want to try your skills out on this Chenille Scarf pattern. Our Fons & Porter Chenille & Appliqué Scissors may be of help to you with your upcoming projects.

Circles (Cutting Large)
he Fons & Porter staff teach you how to cut large circles. Jean and Colleen suggest pinning your fabric before cutting to make sure the fabric does not slip out of place. Try out the Fons & Porter Basic Rotary Cutting RulerFlat Head Pins (100 Ct), and Quilters’ Scissors for a smoother cutting and quilting experience.

Crazy Pieced Quilt Blocks
Use this quick and easy method to make crazy-pieced quilt blocks used in the Pixie Sticks quilt. This quilting technique for making crazy-pieced quilt blocks can be used in any quilt pattern featuring crazy blocks.

Cuddle Plush Fabric
Get tips and tricks for working with plush, but sometimes challenging material. Find out how to use interfacing to make your fabric stronger and to set up your sewing machine to make your projects the best that they can be. Test your skills with the plush Cuddle Up quilt made with pre-cut 10″ squares.

Curved Seams 
When you’re making a Drunkard’s Path or any quilt with curved pieces, use these quilting tips to make sewing curved seams easier. If you’re looking for even more instruction on curved piecing, this DVD on Curved Piecing Two Ways is a great option.

Diamonds (Piecing)
Follow these easy instructions to learn how to cut strips from large pieces of fabric and to cut diamonds and strip piece. The Fons & Porter Diamond Ruler may come in handy along the way.

Diamond Rectangle Units
The Fons & Porter staff show you how to make diamond rectangle units using the Diamond Rects Tool.

Directional Diagonal Seam
Learn how to sew a quilt triangle without having to cut a triangle!

Embroidery: Decorative Hand Stitches
This hand embroidery sewing tip from Sew Easy is perfect for learning eight of the most commonly used embroidering stitches. If you move on to machine embroidery, Sulky’s Cut-Away Permanent Stabilizer might be helpful.

English Paper Piecing Sew Easy Video
The Fons & Porter staff teach you how to do English Paper Piecing. Jean and Colleen recommend using a stab stitch because it secures the fabric to the paper best, makes a clean edge and is easy to rip later.

Flying Geese (Quick Pieced)
Learn, step-by-step, how to create quick-pieced flying geese units. Make four perfect flying geese units without ever having to cut a triangle. To put these skills to practice, check out the Prussian Blue quilt pattern.

Freezer Paper Quilt Templates
Use this easy quilting method to make templates for irregularly-shaped pieces for the Andromeda quilt in the September/October 2009 issue of Love of Quilting.

Freezer Paper Quilting Technique
Make one-of-a-kind quilt stars using our freezer paper pattern quilting technique. Changing the placement of the pattern marks makes each block unique.

Fusible Bias Strips
Use this technique to press bias stems and add fusible web for appliqué all in one step as seen in the Love of Quilting November December 2013 issue.

Fussy Cutting Quilting Sew Easy Lesson
Use this easy quilting technique to cut identical pieces from a print fabric. To make it even easier, get a set of 5 square fussy cut templates.

Glorified Nine Patch Sew Easy Video
The Fons & Porter staff recommend using a rotating cutting mat when cutting several pieces at once to ensure you’re always cutting in the direction away from yourself.

Half-Square and Quarter-Square Triangles
With the Fons & Porter Half & Quarter Ruler, you can easily cut half-square and quarter-square triangles from strips of the same width. An excellent example of half-square triangles in action is the quilt Good Day Sunshine. An easy way to make HST’s is with the template or using a quarter inch seam ruler.

Hourglass Units
The Fons & Porter staff show you how to make quick hourglass units. This surprising method is more accurate than cutting half-square triangles. For projects to get you started, check out Shining Stars quilt pattern.

Identical Quilt Piece (Cutting) 
When you want multiple quilt patches to match, use this quilt technique for cutting duplicates. This is the easiest way to make quilt pieces that match one another perfectly without too much fuzz.

Inking on Fabric Sew Easy Lesson
Collecting signatures on fabric is easy with these tips.

Kaleidoscope Quilt Pieces Sew Easy Lesson
Bethany Reynolds developed her Stack-n-Whack™ method for cutting identical pieces to make kaleidoscope quilt blocks. This popular technique makes quick work of the cutting process.

Hexagon Set-In Seams
The Fons & Porter staff teach you how to do set-in seams on a half hexagon. Marking where seam lines intersect is the key to accurate piecing.

Mitered Corners
The Fons & Porter staff show you how to perfectly miter corners. This technique makes intimidating mitered corners manageable for quilters of any skill level. If you’re looking for a little extra help, try a mitering ruler!

Nine-Blade Fan Quilt Units
Use this Nine Blade Fan quilt block tutorial to make quicker fan blocks. Use the Nine-Blade Fan Template Set for faster progress with your projects. If you want to try your skills out, the Wheels of Chance quilt is the perfect place to start.

Paper Foundation Piecing Quilting Video
Foundation piecing is a great skill to use when piecing small, fine, or detailed quilt blocks. This how-to quilting video will show you how to sew fabric pieces to a paper foundation to create perfect quilt blocks or units that will be joined to make a block. If you’re looking for Papers for Foundation Piecing, try these!

Piecing Curves
The Fons & Porter staff show you how to piece curves using a Drunkard’s Block as an example. Aligning the center of the curves and “working with a smile” ensures a clean end result.

Piping for Pillows 
This quilting video will show you how to make a quilt piping for a pillow. This classical finish is perfect for making your pillow look put together.

Prairie Points Quilting Video
Learn how to make prairie points. They are especially attractive on quilts with patchwork triangles or on simple quilts or table runners that need perking up. Funky Chick is a great quilt that uses double prairie points for double the fun.

Quarter-Inch Seam Sew Easy Lesson
How to sew quarter-inch seams accurately and consistently.

Quarter Square Triangle Quilt Borders Video Lesson
Learn how to make a quarter sqaure quilt border in this quilting technique video.

Quick-Pieced Flying Geese Units
Save time and effort with the Fons and Porter Flying Geese Unit ruler.

Rapid Fire LeMoyne Quilt Stars Quilting Video
Learn how to use Deb Tucker’s Rapid Fire LeMoyne Star Ruler to make the quilt stars.

Row Alignment Quilting Video
Follow these easy instructions for perfect alignment when joining pieced quilt rows together.

Sashing Alignment Quilting Video
Make sure sashed quilt blocks line up with one another using this handy marking technique.

Scalloped Frame Quilt Border Sew Easy Lesson
Use this technique to make a mitered quilt border with a shallow “scallop” to frame any quilt.

Scalloped Quilt Border Video Lesson
Create scalloped quilt borders using this easy technique.

Scallops (Easy)
The Fons & Porter staff show you how to make shallow scallops.

Seam Allowances Quilting Video
Learn how to determine whether your quilt seam allowance is that perfect “scant quarter inch.”

Set-In Half Hexagon Seams Sew Easy Video
The Fons & Porter staff teach you how to do set-in seams on a half hexagon.

Set-In Seams (Piecing)
The Fons & Porter staff show you how to piece set-in seams.

Setting Triangles Sew Easy Video
The Fons & Porter staff teach you how to cut setting triangles using the Fons & Porter Easy Diagonal Sets Ruler.

Straight Strips: Cutting Quilt Video
Learn how to cut quilt strips from fabric yardage with ease.

String Piecing Quilting Video
A popular quilting technique for many decades, string piecing is useful in all sorts of quilt applications.

String Quilt Blocks from Ties Quilting Video
Save an old tie from the charity box by using it to make a string quilt block.

Strip Sets Quilting Video
The basis of many quilt instructions, strip sets make piecing go quickly and efficiently. Learn how to make them in this video.

Thangles™ Triangle Papers Sew Easy Lesson
Sew Easy Lessons are expert tips we share with the readers of Love of Quilting magazine in each issue.

Three-Color Hourglass Units Quilting Video
Try our quick and easy method to make Hourglass Units without cutting triangles. The Fons & Porter Quarter Inch Seam Marker helps you draw stitching lines quickly.

Tilted Block Quilting Video
Sometimes you don’t want you blocks to stand straight. Learn how to tilt them in this video.

Tri-Recs Tools Quilting Video
In this video, we teach you how to use the Tri-RecsTM tool. Follow our instructions to make cutting and piecing these units a snap.

Triangle Squares (Trimming Oversize) Quilting Video
Try this method to make perfect triangle-squares every time.

Triangle Trimmer Quilting Video
Prepare triangles for piecing with perfect alignment using Fons & Porter Triangle Trimmers.

Triangle-Squares (Quick)
Use this alternative method to make quilt triangle-squares quickly.

Triangles on a Roll
Use Triangles on a Roll™ to sew accurate and uniform half-square triangle units quickly and easily.

Triple Four Patch Quilt Blocks Sew Easy Lesson
Download free instructions for making Triple Four Patch quilt blocks.

Tumbler Template
How to use the Fons and Porter Tumbler Template to easily cut out tumbler units.

Weaving Fun Quilting Video
Piece some strips, weave them, and fuse them to stabilizer to create your own fabric panel!

Follow these simple steps to make yo-yos to add to any project. Watch the tutorial here and download the directions here.


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