Set-In Seams Quilting Video

Use these tips and quilt techniques for set-in quilt seams.

1. Mark a dot on wrong side of each pieced diamond, corner square, and side triangle at intersection of ¼” seam allowances as shown in Photo A.
2. Join 2 pieced diamonds, stitching from center point to dot; backstitch at dot (Photo B).
3. Pin triangle to diamond quilt unit, aligning outer points. Stitch from outer edge to dot; backstitch (Photo C).
4. Stitch triangle to adjoining diamond unit to make side unit (Photo D).
5. Join side quilt units (Photo E).
6. Set in squares in the same manner as triangles to complete Star block (Photo F).

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One thought on “Set-In Seams Quilting Video

  1. I was having a hard time doing the tranquil stars quilt the set in seams were not coming out right . I watched the video and after a few practice diamonds it came out beautiful. thank you for the help i love your magizine Love of Quillting thank you