Scalloped Frame Quilt Border Sew Easy Lesson

Make 3-D borders using this quilting technique.

1. Fold bias quilt borders in half lengthwise, wrong sides facing; press. Open fold.
2. On wrong side of 2 borders, mark a 45° angle from each corner to fold line (Photo A).
Photo A
3. Place 1 marked quilt border atop 1 unmarked border, right sides facing. At one end, stitch on marked line. Repeat for remaining border pair.
4. In the same manner, join border pairs.
5. Trim ¼” beyond stitching; clip to point (Photo B).
Photo B
6. Re-fold borders to complete border frame (Photo C).
Photo C
7. Place frame atop quilt top, aligning raw edges. Baste through all layers close to outer edges.
8. Securely tack inside corners of frame and at points equal distance from corners (Photo D). For Fall’s Finery, the distance is 9¼”.
Photo D
9. Turn back folded bias edges between tacks to create scallop; press (Photo E).
Photo E
10. Stitch close to turned edge with straight or decorative stitch to hold in place (Photo F).
Photo F

Download free printable instructions for Nine-Blade Fan Quilt Units

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