Savannah – Free Baby Quilt Pattern

Savannah - Free Baby Quilt Pattern

Featured in the Summer 2010 Issue of Easy Quilts, this free baby quilt pattern is perfect for any little one in your life.

Use the leftover strip set pieces from Savannah to make this baby quilt. You will need the Summer 2010 issue of Easy Quilts magazine for complete strip set instructions.

For instructions on how to create the Savannah baby quilt, please click on the link below.

Download the Instructions

Baby Hanger in Pink



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7 thoughts on “Savannah – Free Baby Quilt Pattern

  1. I think you use the instructions from the original quilt, Savannah, in the magazine, for cutting and piecing. Read under the picture and it implies that.

  2. I'm always looking for quick and easy quilt patterns for children to tween's charity projects. This certainly qualifies. Hope to see more in this category in future issues. Thanks!

  3. I believe you would have to look up that magazine and get the fabric requirements from there. I believe the only way you will be able to use this is by tracking that down. The download instructions for Savannah (as they list it for the baby quilt) are where instructed to access. Another way to create aftermarket sales of magazines.

  4. I have made the blocks based on the instructions in the book. The to do match for the temple used. I had to add more strips to match the templet. Needing some help here please….

  5. Hello, there is a lot of confusion over this baby quilt pattern. This pattern can be made from your left over scraps after making the Savannah quilt. The complete Savannah quilt pattern can be found in the Summer 2010 issue of Easy Quilts magazine. Please use the magazine pattern for fabric recommendations and block sizes.