Rain Forest

Courtesy of Fons & Porter
Rain Forest

The pattern for Rain Forest, featured in our July/August 2006 issue, can be easily adjusted for size. Use this sizing chart to make this quilt in the measurements right for your project.

Download Size Chart

Adobe Acrobat Reader Required.

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I have made this quilt 3 times now and I think my 2006 magazine is down in Arizona and I would love to get the instructions for the Rain Forest quilt. Can you help me because I don't want to start cutting from my old notes and the template I made. Help.
Sewing the Rectangles together
Is it my understanding that first I need to sew the rectangles together then turn them over and zig zag stitch the front of the block along the curve?
I don't understand?
Please help, I have the rectangles cut but when I put the right sides facing you can't sew the curve together they just don't match. What am I doing wrong?
My Mistake!
Now I know. My mistake was jumping from the cutting instructions over to the template and expecting to see both the inside and outside templates there. When they weren't, I was confused. Had I kept reading I would have seen that the fat eights are cut into 2 7.5 x 9.5 rectangles and when the freezer paper template gets ironed to that rectangle, the second part is automatically formed. My Fault!
Size of Rectangle
I'm ready to make this quilt but I'm confused by the template. The curve is there but the rest of the rectangle isn't. How much larger should it be??? I hate the idea of wasting fabric trying to figure this out. :(
angle for the curve
I can not make the angle for the curve work well ...How large was the precut rectangle??


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