Quilts of Valor

Quilts of Valor

About Quilts of Valor

In each issue of Love of Quilting we'll include a pattern that meets the guidelines established by the Quilts of Valor Foundation. Here's why we feel so strongly about this patriotic program.

The mission of the Quilts of Valor Foundation is to cover ALL combat servicemembers and veterans touched by war with comforting and healing Quilts of Valor. This foundation is not about politics. It's about people.

Under Our Wings (UOW) is a program that allows anyone to participate in national service by making a comforting Quilt of Valor (QOV) for an American armed services member touched by war.

You can participate whether you are a quilt shop owner, an experienced quilter (a Coach), someone who has never made a quilt before (a Rookie), or someone who simply wants to perform national service.

A message from Catherine Roberts
Founder/Executive Director QOV Foundation

Members of our Armed Forces continue to be killed or wounded in the Operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. I heard a statistic from the New England Journal of Medicine which had a journal article on troop injuries. For every casuality multiply that number by ten and you will get an approximate number of wounded. So when you hear on the news that eight Marines died, you con assume there were 80 wounded.

According to reliable sources, the number of our total wounded is actually far higher than the official DOD's one. Some estimates have the range anywhere from 40,000 and up. If you are interested in more information, please follow this link from Global Security.org.

If you are a quilter or longarmer, I invite you to use your talents to show these brave young men and women how much we appreciate their sacrifice and service with something very American and very tangible: A War-Time Quilt of Valor.

This site provides one way to go about catching them in our QOV net of comfort and love and healing. If you want to do more than talk about supporting our troops, I invite you to take up your sewing implements and help make Quilts of Valor which DO make a difference in the road to recovery for our servicemembers.

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Stars and Striipes Sampler
I have made this quilt and thought to give it to QJOV but discovered it is larger than your requirements, so wondered if I could present it to my son who was a Vietnam pilot and was fortunate enough to make it home safe I even was able to print the tag for the back and have done so. please answer by e-mail Thank you. I so enjoy the Love of Quilting.
QUILTS OF VALOR..and requesting one
Here is the link to QofV site http://www.qovf.org/index.html on the left menu it say "Request QofV" fill out the info..
How to nominate to receive a quilt
My Viet Nam retired carrier pilot is in need of some recognition. He flew 144 carrier missions and remained in the navy 21 years. At 74 years of age most of his memory is of his career. He had 3 compressed vertebrae from ejecting without his parachute opening and more challenging is his loss of hearing from the excessive noise. He loves his country and any honor would be immensly appreciated. How does a veteran apply for a quilt? We are in the Salt Lake City area. Thanks Sue Beyer
quilt of valor
I am a member of Emerald City Quilters of Dublin, Ga. and our quilt challenge this year was to make quilt of valor quilts for the Carl Vinson Veterans Hospital. We request that they quilts have at least one star in it. we have the promise of 42 quilts so for.
QOVpattern in M/J 2014
please provide the pattern illustrated in the April/May issue that is in the May/June issue. I do to have and cannot locate a copy near me. Thanks. Have a group of sewers waiting!
Free patterns
There are many free patterns at this link. http://www.qovf.org/patterns-list.html I really don't understand the negative comments directed at Fons & Porter.
Quilts of Valor should be expanded to Vietnam Veterans who are being diagnosed with cancer as a result of agent orange.
Cancer s****
My daughter posted a touching blog about her QOV for her Dad. http://sewingbymoonlight.com/2014/03/cancer-sucks-and-i-need-your-help/
Quilts of Valor
I have a son who is a wounded veteran and one of his friend who is still active duty. I want to make both of the a Quilt of Valor. How do I get it registered and is it okay for me to both make and give them their quilts. For both of them being from me will make it more special.
Donate blocks n tops for war veterans
Last year was the 1st year my quilting guild began the QOV project. I am very patriotic so there was no twisting my arm to start making blocks. This year I've made an entire top and donating it to my daughter who was deployed into Northern Bagdad a few years back for 15 months. I am very excited about being a part of this entire project and I plan to continue making quilt tops for other. They all deserve to have a comforting quilt and know that they are appreciated for what they've been through. God Bless them all!
I totally agree with m921
Your commitment to QOV seems to be simply for profit. The patterns are for sale, I mean free by buying F+P-Love of Quilting. I would truly admire and respect you dedication to QOV if you would publish for free, patterns for these quilts.My resources are limited, so these pattern fees would go toward postage. I thoroughly enjoy watching LOQ weekly. My suggestion is to please include measurements, so I can start the quilting process before downloading the pattern. I always give credit as to where the pattern was found and also to the designer. Please make all information for QOV readily accessible.
I too would like to know how to register our church is making QOV and want to give them to our church members
Getting quilt registered
I am making a valor quilt for friend that was in Afghanistan and want to know how to get it registered. Have request this on the QOV site several times but can not get an answer.
Please we have a new quilting bee and are making QOV exactly what are the guidelines for the quilts. We didn't realize there was a certain requirement other than red white and blue. Thanks
patterns: free vs. for sale
I am stunned that some of you ladies question the commitment of LOQ editors simply because they do not provide free downloads for the QOV patterns. Aren't there plenty of free patterns out there already? No one forces you to make a QOV, but if you want an extra special pattern (and many of theirs are) you should not be put out to pay a few dollars to make a quilt for veterans who were willing to put their very lives on the line for you and your freedom. Shame on YOU. Designers have a make a living, after all.
the QOV site has some free patterns
making quilts of valor
I am a hospice nurse and care for many Veterans that we recognize in our Veteran's Program, but it would wonderful if there wasa pattern for a lap Quilt or something smaller That could be made as this is "end of life care" please let me know if there is a standard size or a smaller version so I can get to work. Thank you.
Our club, Anna Heights Quilters, will finish 2 QOV if you have extra blocks that you can send us. Bonnie Hileman
Complaints from selfish people
I finnd it so hard to believe that some people would have the nerve to complain about the cost of a pattern when these men and women gave their all for your freedom.
Just thought I would let all of you know that there are Free QOV patterns on the Web site and e-mails that I get reguraly. The one that came with this one is called AMERICAN INDEPENDENCE, it is marked EASY, so everyone who quilts can make this one up in a hurry. What F & P is doing is great and really how many of you have or know peopple who have and keep old copies of the F & P Love of Quilting issues, time to quit complaing and start doing some quilting...and besides i think any R/W/B quilt with Stars on it will be appreciated by any one who has served.
QOV Patterns
Ditto on the comments about the patterns. We are willing to make the quilts and use our own resources for all materials and the quilting. The least you could do is provide the free pattern. Next year I will be president of my guild and we have talked about making one. It's been awhile since our last. I'm disappointed in you. How committed are you really?
size of Quilt for QOV
I made the Stars &Stri[es Sampler Quilt and it is very large. Wondering if I can use send it . If not I wilol give it to my son who was a pilot in Vietnam and is my Hero. Jun.25,2013 Genny
Quilts of Valor
I have to agreee with bhare@mcgsi.com, the pattern of the Quilt of Valor should be a free download. It's the least thing this site could do to help home our veterans.
Stars & Stripes - Patriotic Quilt of Valor
I would like to make the Stars & Strips Patriotic Quilt of Valor, but I see it's not offered as one of the free patriotic patterns, nor is Star-Spangled Beauty, which is an "Easy Patriotic Quilt of Valor". Instead, we need to BUY the patterns. Have you no shame, when we are making quilts for wounded soldiers returning from battle?
unspoken vietnam war
I am glad you have posted your message. The Vietnam Vets are sometimes overlooked.Your gesture will go a long way toward healing.
Military Wife and Mom
Our quilt guild (Heartland Quilters) is having a quilt show in July titled "Patriotic Pride". My husband is a 32 year veteran and my eldest son has served for 24 years and is still serving. So I asked our guild to make all our spouses and children who are involved in the military in any way (retired or active) a 'Quilt of Valor'. We have made 26 quilts for our guild family members. We will present them at a special ceremony at the quilt show. One of our state representatives will help with the presentation. We have 18 that will be presented that night and the rest will be donated to the 'Quilts of Valor' in Birmingham Alabama. This is an amazing undertaking for our small guild and I am so proud of our members who have done such a great job. The quilts are all red, white, and blue. They are different but all so beautiful! It is such an honor to give a little something back to those who have given so much for our country.
Unspoken Vietnam War
My husband served in Vietnam, as did his brother; and neither one talks about it. Ever so often my husband will tell me about a funny incident, but nothing else, so I don't push the subject. He is a Bronze Star recipient, but he won't say why. I'm just putting the binding on a Quilt of Honor that I made for him to show him his service was appreciated. He has seen it and is thrilled.
How giving a quilt to a veteran is an act of love
I had a dear cousin and neighbor who had both fought in Vietnam...and how the war had impacted their lives. When I mailed the first quilt to my cousin, he called me crying. He could not thank me enough for recognizing his service in an unpopular war. My neighbor stood a bit taller when he received his quilt, and with tears in his eyes, I understood the loss he had experienced as a young man serving his country. Thank you for all the patterns for the "Quilts of Valor." They make a differance!
Someone that was in Viet nam War
I was thinking about one of my friends that was in that war that would not talk about it to me. I am so happy to see them be honored now a days. I am going to get some fabric and try to make him a quilt of valor..
I want to make a quilt of valor, but don't know who to give it to. I live in Durant,Ok. Please help me get started I have my own material and my daughter can longarm quilt it.
QOV dedication patch
I have completed my first quilt, but I need the dedication patch and do not have the option to print it. Where can I purchase them pre-printed?
quits of valor
My East Clinton high school - FCCLA students are mking lap quilts for the veterans who live in the 3 nursing homes in Hillsboro, OH.
Thank you
Having a husband you fought in the Viet Nam War it means so much to me to see this generation reach out to the soldiers. I have a small quilt shop in my cabin and we are doing Dear Jane and I feel I must start a Quilts for Valor gathering too. You guys are just awesome! Thanks again. Karen
Quits of Valor 10/13/12 pbs show
I am unable to get todays PBS quilt of valor pattern; please send it to me
QOV Patterns
We are honored to feature a Quilt of Valor pattern in each of our magazine issues. Mark Lipinski's Quilt of Valor pattern is featured in the Sept/Oct 2012 issue of Love of Quilting which will be on newsstands 8/14/12.
QOV pattern
I watched the QOV program today 8/4/12 and would like to have the pattern, I know someone who really needs one of these quilts.
found the pattern
I found the pattern: May/June issue of Love of Quilting.
patterns for quilts of valor
I watched your show this morning and would like to make a quilt (or quilts). You did mention size but where will I find the pattern? Joyce W.
Frustration - More
Thanks for the web site, however, I went there, found out about material, size, and classes. Don't need that. Did find out about labels. But no patterns. Frustrated! Want to get pattern to shop for material today. No patterns. Have your mag. from Jan/Feb 2012, nice pattern, but too complicated for me. Suggestions? Don't do facebook or twitter. From Sandra D
Frustration !
I want to make a QOV, but cannot find patterns. Where should I go? And what are the size requirements? And where can I find the labels, mentioned in this morning's Fons & Porter Quilt show? Thanks, Sandra D
Quilt of Valor Information
Thank you for all of your questions about how to participate with Quilts of Valor. Please go to www.qovf.org to get your specific questions answered. There are great resources along the left-hand column of their website. Thank you for your generosity!
Quilts of Valor
What size do these quilts need to be?
quilt of valor
what is the price for quilting the quilt?
Regional Coordinators can help
Be sure to check out the page on the website www.qovf.org to find a Regional Coordinator in your area who can help answer some of your questions, help find a local group for sew-ins and or help you organize a group. We love to "talk" QOV, so be sure to contact us.
trying to find local chapter
The web site said there was a chapter in Lubbock, Tx. I sent an e-mail several weeks ago, but no response. How can I find one close by?
making blocks
Can you tell me more info on what is needed to donate blocks for a quilt. I'm just starting to learn the quilting and would thinking doing blocks would be a good way to start.
over 700 quilts
There is a group of ladies in McPherson, Kansas, that has been making quilts for 5 years. To date, we have made over 700 quilts, many of which go to our veterans, wounded warriors, and gold star mothers. We do not have the time to quilt all of them so most of them are tied. The recipients don't seem to mind!!!!!! What a "feel good" feeling!!!!!!!!
Operation Valor
You can get involved in this project in so many ways! Www.operationvalor.blogspot.com is hosted by myself and Tina Reed, volunteers, where u can simply make blocks when u have time. For those who can't make an entire quilt. QOVF is a wonderful group!
Oops fat fingers
And they will assign you a longarmer. You communicate directly and send the top and backing. The long arm coordinator tries to find a quilter close to you to minimize the shipping costs. and they return the quilt to you for binding, labeling and a destination, which is also on the website. I have done over 200 quilts and have had good results.
To washer girl re quilted
Yes, just go to the website and request a longarmer
So to make a QOV we can just do a quilt top and then request a longarm quilter to quilt it? Then it gets sent back to us to bind? do I have that correct? Would the long armer do the quilt sandwich?
East Central Illinois QOV
We presented 18 quilts to National Guard Unit at Camp Springfield Sat Feb 4 with the help of the northern IL group. Thank you ladies! Sure could use more quilters here or near St. Joseph, IL. I'm happy to coordinate getting them quilted and dispersed to veterans.
my first Quilt of Valor project
I just completed my first QOV top and am waiting for my long arm partner to return it to me. What a marvelous way to say Thank You to those that serve and help keep us free. I'm already planning my next QOV project!


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