Quiltopia-A Weekend of Quilting Events

Salem, OR
Quiltopia is an annual quilt festival that will inspire you to learn the joys of using textiles in a traditional and/or contemporary art form. It will take place October 1-4 at several venues in Salem. Greenbaum’s Quilted Forest and the Help Autism Now Society (HANS) are the leading forces in creating this festival. It started as The Quilted Cottage Tour nine years ago, which is a major fundraiser for HANS. The event was so successful that the organizers decided to create a festival that would incorporate other quilt related activities. Linda Lee, co-founder and Executive Director of HANS, says, “I could never imagine how important the Cottage Tour has been in helping raise funds and heightening the awareness of Autism in our community. We are excited about being an integral part of this festival and having an opportunity to touch more people.” The four-day festival includes a variety of activities, which includes the Quilted Forest Quilt Show at the Mill. This event will educate the novice to the experienced quilter on the role quilting has played in our heritage and the enrichment of our lives. Sylvia Dorney, President of Greenbaum’s Quilted Forest, envisions the festival becoming a major attraction for the Salem area. “I believe it can have over time an economic impact similar to the Sister’s Quilt Show, and at the same time showcase the many historical treasures we have in Salem.” The following quilting events take place the weekend of October 1-4, 2009: 9th Annual Quilted Cottage Tour Sunday, October 4th, Noon -5 pm, Tickets $15.00 or 2 for $25.00 at Greenbaum’s Quilted Forest. Self guided tour of homes laden with quilts. Includes free entry to Deepwood Historic House. Quilt Show at the Mill (Mission Mill, Salem, OR) Friday- Saturday, October 2-4, 10 am – 5 pm, Sunday Noon -5pm. Tickets $3.00 at door. Opportunity to show, sell, buy and view quilts and quilt tops. Saturday, October 4 vendors on site. Quilted Lectures Thursday-Saturday, October 1-4, 10am – 4 pm. Schedule at www.quiltedforest.com/Quiltopia, sign ups in the shop, online or at the door, is space allows. Handweaver’s Show and Sale at Mission Mill Museum October 2-3, 10 am-5 pm, Free Greenbaum’s Quilted Forest – Come visit our award winning shop. We were chosen as one of the top 20 quilt shops in the US and Canada by American Patchwork and Quilting, a division of Better Homes & Gardens. Quilt Turning at Marion County Historical Society at Mission Mill Museum Saturday, October 4, 11 am – 4 pm, Free Bush House Vintage Quilt Show (at Bush House) October 2-4, Noon-4 pm, Tickets $3.00 pre-registration at Quilted Forest Website – $4.00 at door “Lime Green Chameleon” Quilt Challenge at the Beanery Coffee House on Liberty Street, Salem September 8- October 8, store hours, Free For more information on attending these events call Greenbaum’s Quilted Forest at 503-363-7973 or visit their web site http://www.quiltedforest.com.

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