Curved Seams Quilting Video

Curved Quilt Seams are easy — we show you how!

1. After cutting the background “crust” and the quarter-circle “pie” pieces, mark the center of the curve on each quilt piece by folding in half and creasing or making a small clip (Photo A).
2. Working with the background “crust” on top, pin pices together at curve centers, taking a small bite. At the end of the seam, align pieces and pin, taking a large bite (Photo B).
3. Align pieces at beginning of seam. Stitch to the middle of the curve. Use your fingertips to keep curved edges aligned or control the top fabric and keep edges aligned with a wooden skewer (Photo C).
4. Leaving the needle in the fabric, raise the presser foot. “Fluff” the top “crust” fabric back toward where you have sewn (Photo D).
5. Align curved edges for the second half of the seam and stitch to about 1″ from end of seam. Stop again and “fluff” the top fabric so ending edges are also aligned. Sew to the end of the seam (Photo E).
6. Gently press seam allowance toward background “crust” piece.

Download free printable instructions for quilting curved seams

Adobe Acrobat Reader Required.

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