Quilt Walk Festival 2014

Date and location: June 11-14, 2014
Panguitch, Utah

Description: The Annual Quilt Walk Festival remembers the early Mormon pioneers of Panguitch. The tractor pull and tractor parade occur on Panguitch’s charming Main Street and as one of the most popular events of the festival is enjoyed well by all ages. Tours of historical pioneer homes that line the streets of Panguitch provide insight into the lives of earlier inhabitants of the town. Of course what would any real celebration be without a dinner and a show! Homemade, Dutch-oven dinners are available for those who buy tickets to the annual play commemorating the historical Quilt Walk that the locals put on each year. Other activities to enjoy throughout the festival include a Chocolate Fest, activities for children such as learning to make corn husk dolls or churn butter, and quilt making classes. For more information, visit www.quiltwalk.org


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