Quilt Quiz – January/February 2006

Quilty, Quilter, Quiltiest
BY Brenda Brown
Just how “quilty” are you? If you’ve been making quilts for a long time, or
you spend every spare moment of your life in front of your sewing machine, you’re bound to develop
quilty habits and encounter quilter pitfalls. Take this quiz to see just how quilty you are.
Give yourself one point for every item that rings true with you.
1. Spilled tea or coffee on a quilt:
A while quilting it
B while riding in the car
C extra 2 points if it was someone else’s car
D extra 1 point if it was someone else’s tea or coffee
2. Stitched your sleeve or pants to a quilt:
A by hand
B by machine
C extra 1 point if you didn’t realize it until you stood up
D extra 2 points if the quilt belonged to the person sitting next to you
3. Got blood on a quilt:
A from one hand
B from both hands
C more than once during the same sewing session
D extra 1 point if you used saliva to get it out
4. Broke a needle:
A when sewing by machine
B when sewing by hand
C while using it to undo stitches
D while using it to clean lint out of your sewing machine
5. Made a hole in a quilt:
A while snipping threads
B while poking a knot through the quilt top
C with your sewing machine
D after it was done and right before you gave it to the recipient
6. Lost track of the marked lines during quilting and:
A then changed the design rather than rip out the stitches that were already done
B didn’t notice until hours later
C just kept sewing rather than re-marking the lines or gettting a better light
D realized meandering isn’t so hard
7. Set a block into a quilt top upside down and:
A realized it when the top was finished
B realized it when the quilt was finished
C appliquéd another block right side up on top of it
D told everyone who noticed that you did it on purpose so your quilt wouldn’t be perfect
8. Burned yourself with your iron:
A while pressing patchwork
B while laying out pieces on your ironing board to see how your quilt would look
C while using your iron to hold down the end of a binding strip while you folded it over to press
D subtract 5 points if you were ironing clothing
9. Stabbed yourself:
A with a “safety” pin
B with scissors
C in a place other than your hands
D extra 5 points if the item was stuck in a quilt at the time
10. Put one of the following in your mouth to hold “just for a second”:
A pins
B a needle
C a pencil
D the quilt itself
11. Used an iron to “fix” a block that came out the wrong size or shape:
A then had to re-make the block anyway
B then had to wait for the block to dry before putting it in the quilt
C and melted the thread
D and scorched the fabric
12. Needed one more 2″ square for a quilt and:
A had to crawl around on the floor to find a big enough scrap
B had to empty your trash can to find a big enough scrap
C had to empty the vacuum to find a big enough scrap
D had to catch the garbage man to find the bag that had the scraps in it
13. Discovered that a carpeted floor is not the best place to layer your quilt because you:
A pinned your quilt to the carpet
B basted your quilt to the carpet
C couldn’t get up off the floor
D knelt on a pin
14. Cut all the borders exactly the length of the quilt and:
A sewed 3 of them to the quilt top before you realized your mistake
B realized you didn’t have enough fabric to recut them
C then had to make extra blocks to fill in the corners
D decided a pieced border would look better anyway
15. Discovered threads on your clothing:
A and used masking tape to get them off
B on a day when you weren’t quilting
C extra 5 points if it was just before a job interview
D extra 10 points if the job interview was at a quilt shop
16. Trimmed your quilt to a smaller size because:
A you got tired of quilting it
B the borders wouldn’t lie flat
C it was due at the quilt show the next day
D you snipped a hole in one of the borders
0–9 points: Are you sure you’re reading the right magazine?
10–19 points: Don’t run with scissors!
20–29 points: Hmmmm. Better go buy more fabric.
30–39 points: You definitely know your way around a quilt shop.
40 or more points: Bet you can sew a ¼” seam with your eyes closed!

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