Pinwheels & Paddlewheels

Here’s another one of those classic two-color quilts we all love. This one starts with simple paddlewheel blocks, which, when assembled, also create pinwheels.
Pinwheels & Paddlewheels - Two-Color QuiltsFinished Size: 48″ × 48″  |  Finished Blocks: 25 (8″) Paddlewheel blocks  |  Rating: Intermediate  |  Designed by Gerri Robinson

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4 thoughts on “Pinwheels & Paddlewheels

  1. Thank-you so much for the chance to download this pattern. Last month we stopped at a WV service area and they had articles/crafts made by residents of WV. Among the items I saw this Pinwheels and Paddlewheels quilt made up of dark scraps and white pinwheels. It was stunning and unfortunately, priced above my household budget. I haven’t decided whether to make my quilt in patchwork scraps or the 2 colors like your pattern. Thanks again!

    Duchess2015’s owner.