Pico De Gallo (Salsa)

Linda Diaz, Vail, AZ

8 tomatoes (On the Vine or Roma or mix the two they are the best tasting ones)
1 bunch of cilantro cut above the tie and use the leaf with some stems is fine
1˛2 big yellow onion or one whole small (Spanish onion)
2 big jalapeno peppers seeds and all chopped up
3 ­ 4 medium size limes (juiced) depends on how juicy they are. If they are not too soft and juicy then use 4. Start with 3 and then taste and add an extra if needed. About 1 c. of juice.
1 1˛2 tsp. salt

If you use a chopper or food processor chop up the jalapenos into 1" pieces, blend, and add to the bowl. Do the same with the onion and add to the bowl. Put in cilantro, chop it up, and add to the bowl. Then, chop up 1˛2 of the tomatoes in the chopping machine and then hand chop the other half into small 1˛4" pieces. Put tomatoes into the bowl. Add salt to the bowl and then add the lime juice. Mix well, and let it set together for half hour and serve. The longer it sits out together, the better the taste becomes. This makes 8 cups of salsa. If you only make half of this recipe then use 2 limes.

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