Patriotic Memorial Quilt

Marianne and Liz - Patriotic Quilts
Marianne and Liz with the Patriotic Memory Quilt they made for Vincent, a son of a New York firefighter who was lost in the September 11 tragedy.

Patriotic Memorial QuiltWe are pleased to offer this free quilt – star pattern – for you to use to make a patriotic memory quilt. You may want to make your patriotic quilt to donate to a veteran or just to express your patriotism. We are proud to say that we made a quilt to donate to the American Red Cross to give to the family of a victim of the September 11, 2001 tragedy.

Feel free to make copies of this patriotic quilt pattern to share with your friends, include in your guild newsletter, or encourage others to make a quilt to commemorate this event.

There are two pages of instructions. The first file is the instructions for the stripe blocks and how to make the quilt. The second file is the pattern and instructions for the star blocks. Click on the links below to open the files.

Happy Quilting!
Marianne and Liz

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6 thoughts on “Patriotic Memorial Quilt

  1. Thank you I plan to make this with the marine inblem in the center for my granddaughter I started the center 7years ago for my son But due to PTSD he is no longer here. So she wants me to finish it for her and this helps me to know where to go with it Thanks you

  2. Not a sewer nor quilter, but how could I NOT return a gift of love and support. Wish me luck and patience with special prayer request for the receiving soldier or entity. God bless our military and thanks F&P!

  3. Good Luck debosmith1! We will help you along the way. We have so many Sew Easy Lessons and quilting resources available on our website and in our magazines so you will have all the support you need. Thank you!