Ohio Outdoor Quilt Festival

Wellington, OH
Plan to come early and spend the day at the Ohio Outdoor Quilt Festival. You will be able to see over 400 quilts hanging on century old buildings. You can enjoy a light lunch under the trees while admiring the quilts and watching the crowds. Or you can choose from the menu at our food stand where we have inexpensive lunches featuring hearty elk barbeque, elk bratwurst or hot dogs. All visitors will have a ballot to vote for their favorites as they wander from building to building viewing the quilts. If you are a quilter you may enjoy the fabric bargains in our boutique, or the unique quilting kits and quilted jackets that we offer. The gift shop in the barn offers quilts, elk-themed items along with decorations and collectibles with a country style. If you are a quilter, we encourage you to display some of your own handiwork. Quilts at the 2009 festival found their way to the farm from eight states in addition to Ohio. Our youngest exhibitor was 10 years old and the oldest was over ninety. You may offer quilts for sale or just bring them for the enjoyment of others.
For more information, visit www.ohiooutdoorquilt.com

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