My Green Home Quilt

Bed-Size quilt patterns make a great impression on quilter and guest alike. Designer Colette Rose Marie Boring combined pieced blocks with beautiful appliqué in this queen-size quilt and boy, does this one impress!

Finished Size: 78″ x 95″  |  Finished Blocks: 4 (17″) Star blocks, 4 (12″) Lg Log Cabin blocks, 16 (8½”) Sm Log Cabin blocks  |  Rating: Challenging  |  Designed by Colette Rose Marie Boring

Free Quilt Pattern - My Green Home
Bed-Size Quilt

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16 thoughts on “My Green Home Quilt

  1. Not sure what is wrong/or why we cannot download this pattern. It is listed as a bonus quilt in our Nov/Dec issue. I can download Northwoods Man and Sunset Canyon, but not this one. How come?

  2. It's the 15th and still no download?! COME ON! As subscribers we should have a code that we can access free downloads when we get our magazine and not have to wait till it's on the shelves! It should already be available now either way.

  3. Well, finally, sort of. When I printed the pattern. pgs. 4-5-6 were printed larger than 8×10. I tried everything to reduce the size of these pages to no avail. Had to write all the lost instructions by hand. Are you using the same people who programmed the Obamacare site??

  4. I have been trying to download this beautiful quilt.
    I have a subscription to your magazine and love it, but seem to have trouble on your website. I've noticed I'm not the only one with this problem. Can you please fix this for us before we lose interest. Thank you.