Mitered Quilt Borders Quilting Video

Follow these instructions for perfect mitered quilt borders.

Getting Started

The subtle seam of a mitered quilt corner creates the illusion of a continuous line around the quilt. Mitered corners are ideal for striped borders, pieced borders, or multiple plain borders.

1. Referring to Measuring Quilt Center Diagram, measure your quilt length through the middle of the quilt rather than along the edges. Then measure quilt width. Add to measurements twice the width of the border plus 2″. Trim borders to these measurements.

2. On wrong side of quilt top, mark 1/4″ seam allowances at each corner.

3. Fold quilt top in half and place a pin at the center of the quilt side. Fold border in half and mark center with pin.

4. With right sides facing and raw edges aligned, match center pins on the border and the quilt. Working from the center out, pin the border to the quilt, right sides facing. The border will extend beyond the quilt edges. Do not trim the border.

5. Sew the border to the quilt. Start and stop stitching 1/4 ” from the corner of the quilt top, backstitching at each end. Press the seam allowance toward the border. Add the remaining borders in the same manner.

6. With right sides facing, fold the quilt diagonally as shown in Mitering Diagram 1, aligning the raw edges of the adjacent borders. Pin securely.

7. Align a ruler along the diagonal fold, as shown in Mitering Diagram 2. Holding the ruler firmly, mark a line from the end of the border seam to the raw edge.

8. Start machine-stitching at the beginning of the marked line, backstitch, and then stitch on the line out to the raw edge.

9. Unfold the quilt to be sure that the corner lies flat (Mitered Quilt Borders Diagram). Correct the stitching if necessary. Trim the seam allowance to 1/4 “.

10. Miter the remaining corners. Press the corner seams open.


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  1. Is there a reason that you should not lay the border against the feed dogs. If you can, it would be easier to see the quarter inch margin at start and stop on each side.

  2. I have been looking for information on mitering multiple borders and you site keeps bringing me back to this page. I know how to make a mitered corner. I want help with mitering multiple borders.