Looking Back: 195 TV Episodes – September/October 2006

Left: Nutritious snacks are always a key element for a successful taping. Middle: Lights, set, cameras, crew, and talent (us!) are in place for taping a series. Right: We are in our makeup, miked, and ready to open the show.
When we stepped in front of TV cameras for the first time over ten years ago, we were scared to death. We had practiced with a camcorder, but that was nothing like being on a set in an actual TV studio with lights, four huge cameras, directors, producers, and (thankfully) a makeup artist.
After Day 1 of taping, we both would have volunteered for oral surgery rather than go back. Now, after producing fifteen 13-part series, we feel like we kind of know what we are doing.
Our style of production is known as “live-to-tape.” That means we try to tape our unscripted half-hour program straight through so it requires as little editing as possible. Generally, when we make a mistake, we just admit it and keep taping. Viewers tell us they like our shows because we’re down-to-earth and because we obviously love sewing and quilting.
Currently, we produce 26 shows annually. Programs are given free to public television stations, thanks to our national sponsors. Ours is the most widely-aired, most-watched quilting program on public television—it is available in over 80% of US households.
We choose most of our TV topics from the projects and techniques in Love of Quilting. We like the idea that viewers can go to our magazine to find detailed instructions for a project they saw on TV.
Each public television affiliate around the country creates its own schedule of programs to be aired, so if you want to watch us, you’ll have to seek out your local station and look at its lineup of shows. Go to www.pbs.org. Type in your zip code and you’ll be directed to the stations near you. Check the schedules for “Fons & Porter’s Love of Quilting.” If we’re not on your station, feel free to bother the program director until the station schedules us! If our show is not on in your area, we have DVDs available of our five most recent series.
Find episode and supply lists, descriptions of shows, photos of quilts that have appeared, and DVDs at www.FonsandPorter.com.
See you on TV!

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