Keepsake Quilting Batik Bag

Keepsake Quilting Batik Bag

We used the Keepsake Quilting Reproduction Triangle Collection to maket his bag.  Find more instructions and great ideas in the 2008 Love of Quilting premium booklet, Keepsake Quilting’s Quick Gifts!

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17 thoughts on “Keepsake Quilting Batik Bag

  1. I am looking forward to making this bag for Christmas gifts, hopefully I can give them after making them. I will prob fall in love with them and not want to give them. but I WILL !!! thank you for the pattern

  2. Our local community/senior center does a few fund raisers each year. This would be a great bag to use up fabrics on hand and to raise some much needed funds.

  3. Let me say up front I love the look of this bag. The only problem I have is in the triangles. I cut out the triangle pattern exactly and used the correct quarter inch seam allowance. But I had to use 50 triangles to make the front the correct size plus the back pocket took 10 triangles with a strip down both side edges to make it come out to 8 inches. Everyone loves the look and I love the bag but I just don't get your measurements. My bag did come out to the 12 1/2" x 12 1/2" x 4" after I made the above changes.