Inking on Fabric Sew Easy Lesson

What is inking on fabric? For some traditional quilters, this might seem like quite the odd phrase. Inking is the process of using ink and applying it to a surface like fabric for a unique and personalized look. While you can certainly use inking on fabric as a way of applying a quilt label or special message, many use the technique as a way of adding embellishment to their tops. Learn about inking on fabric for signature quilts, embellishing or labels.

1. Cut freezer paper the same size as the piece to be signed (for Signature Quilt, cut 2½” x 6½” rectangle).
2. Using dark permanent marker, draw ¼” seam lines on paper. If desired, draw line(s) for signature (Photo A).
3. Press freezer paper to wrong side of fabric.
4. Use drawn lines for guidance when writing on fabric piece (Photo B). If lines are not visible through fabric, use a light box. Instruct signer to keep writing inside drawn seam lines!

Other Tips:

1. If your handwriting isn’t neat, or you want a fancy signature, find a font you like on your computer. Type signature, adjust to desired size, and print (Photo C). Adhere freezer paper to fabric; trace signature.
2. Press fabric to heat set ink.

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2 thoughts on “Inking on Fabric Sew Easy Lesson

  1. you can re-use adhesive paper that computer fabric sheets come on. I cover with waxed paper till I need them. Just make sure all the sticky is covered with fabric b4 prntg :0