Halloween Night

Courtesy of Fons & Porter
Halloween Night

The following .pdf documents are extra patterns for the Halloween Night project featured in the Fall 2008 issue of Easy Quilts.

Pattern for Halloween Night Napkins
Pattern for Halloween Night Towels
Pattern for Halloween Night Placemats
Pattern for Halloween Night Trick or Treat Bag
Pattern for Halloween Night Apron
Pattern for Halloween Night Coasters
Pattern for Halloween Night Hot Pads

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I have been trying to dowload patterns, but the motifs still won't come up, even after updating adobe. Any other ideas?
Thanks for the fun little freebies.
Thanks for the freebies! Everyone loves something for free, I know I do!
Not a problem
I didn't have a problem openning any of the files. Thank you for the freebies!
Halloween Motifs
You have to buy the panel with the motifs.
Do not see motifs
I can open the patterns but do not see the motifs anywhere......
Halloween Patterns
If they're not opening for you go to www.adobe.com and download the newest reader and then they will :o)
Halloween Patterns
Patterns won't open??? What's with that?
Halloween night
this file will not open either
this pdf file will not open either


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