Ginger Glazed Carrots

Rose Lear

Green Pepper
½ to 1 tea. chopped Ginger
1 can Bartlett Pears
In cast iron fry pan: 1 tlb. Olive oil and 1 tlb Butter.

Did I mention that I love butter? Peal carrots and cut diagonal into bite size pieces. Slice green pepper into long strips. Slice onion into thin slices and same with garlic. Heat skillet to melt butter and place ingredients in pan. Notice I didn’t give any amounts. You will have to decide how many carrots you want based on number of people you are feeding. Then the green pepper and onion to match. Drain the juice off pears and save. Cut pears into bite size chunks. Add about 1 tea. of corn starch and chopped ginger (I use ginger our of a jar) to pear juice. When Carrots are soft but still firm, (I like to scorch mine) add pears and mix well. Add juice and let simmer until it thickens to a nice glaze. This is one dish you will not have to beg the little ones to eat.

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