Geese Around the Square Quilt

Geese Around the Square - Free Flying Geese Quilt Pattern

The fabrics used in Monique Dillard’s quilt depict the distinctive countryside charm found in the south of France. Make this stunning free flying geese quilt pattern like Monique’s or in a colorway of your choice. Flying geese quilts are popular with many quilters and we know that when looking at this sweet quilt, you will understand why!

Size: 66″ × 78″
Blocks: 20 (9″) quilt blocks

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Flying Geese Master Class

Fons & Porter Super Flying Geese Triangle

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10 thoughts on “Geese Around the Square Quilt

  1. Hi all, I live in a rural area, so my download speed is not super fast. The first time I tried the download it froze part way through – the second time I patiently waited until the download was finished before scrolling through the pattern. Check near the bottom of the download screen it will say:Download (xMB of 3.66MB)

  2. I tried twice to download the project, but the third page wouldn't come through. So, I tried to save it to my documents instead and all pages downloaded immediately. I'm a happy camper!!

  3. When I used a computer directly linked to a printer, there were no problems in printing. My first attempt with a wi-fi link didn't work.

  4. Hello Verlee, thank you for your question. I just tried the download and it came up just fine. It is a larger file, so it takes a little extra time to download. If you have a slow Internet connection, it could be awhile. If you have tried several times, clean out your computer's cookies/cache, this will "trick" your computer into forgetting that it has tried to download this file and it may come up a little faster for you. Let me know that works for you. Mandy C.

  5. I made this quilt for mu grandsons H. S. graduation in these same colors with the center white block his picture from baby to adult then surrounded in the border with family and friend,etc. He loved it along with all family etc. I love F & P I had no trouble downloding and I live in a rural area in NE May G