Funky Chick Wallhanging Quilt

Funky Chick Wallhanging Quilt

These hip chicks are sure to give you a chuckle. Designer Karen DuMont uses a fun technique make the double prairie points that are used for dimensional wings and beaks.

Size: 17½” × 49½” (including prairie points)

Rating: Intermediate

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Note: There is a correction for this project. In the magazine, instructions for medium and baby rickrack were switched.

From medium rickrack, cut:
6 (5″-long) pieces
From baby rickrack, cut:
15 (1 1/2″-long) pieces.

Refer to the color photo for Prairie Point Placement on page 72.


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7 thoughts on “Funky Chick Wallhanging Quilt

  1. wondering if there is a misprint in the directions as the beaks are HUGE. I know they are suppose to be oversized but not this much! Am I doing something wrong?

  2. Ok if I had finished reading all of the instructions….it tells you to cut the prairie points down to size for the beaks!!!
    There is a misprint about the rick racks though they have confused the 2 sizes in the cutting directions..have called them about it and am emailing so they can make the corrections.

  3. There is an error on the cutting of the rick rack for the Funky Chick. The two sizes have been reversed. You need to cut 15 – 1 1/2" pieces of the baby rickrack and 6 – 5" pieces from the medium rickrack. We apologize for this error. – Cindy H