Freezer Paper Quilting Technique Sew Easy Lesson

Make one-of-a-kind stars using our freezer paper quilt pattern technique.

Getting Started

Make one-of-a-kind stars using our freezer paper pattern quilting technique. Changing the placement of the pattern marks makes each block unique.

Photo A

Photo B

Photo C

Photo D

Photo E

Sew Smart™ Read through all instructions before starting.—Marianne

1. Make a mark near center of top edge of 8″ freezer paper square. Make a mark on left edge and one on right edge at least 2″ from top corners of paper. Make 2 marks on bottom edge at least 1″ from each corner.

NOTE: Measurements are not exact. Moving the marks changes the shape of star, making each unique.

2. Using a ruler and pencil, connect marks as shown in Photo A. Erase 2 lines in center section. Label each section as shown in Photo B.

3. Cut sections apart on drawn lines.

4. Stack 1 dark 12″ square atop 1 light 12″ square, right sides up. Press freezer paper pieces on top square in order as shown in Photo C, leaving at least 1/2″ between pieces. Place 1/4″ line of ruler on edge of paper pattern and cut out each shape (Photo D).

5. Remove freezer paper. Lay out pieces as shown in Photo E. You will have pieces for one block with a dark star and light background and one block with a light star and dark background. Piece section A in numerical order using 1ž4″ seams. Repeat for sections B and C.

6. Join sections to complete 2 Star blocks (Photo F). If necessary, trim to 8 1/2″ square.

Sew Smart™ To make 4″-finished Star blocks, begin with a 4″ square of freezer paper and an 8″ square of fabric. —Liz

Photo F

Download free printable instructions for Freezer Paper Quilting Templates

Adobe Acrobat Reader Required.

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