Ozark Star Quilt – Table Topper

Free Star Quilting Pattern - Table Topper - Ozark Star

The free star quilt pattern for Ozark Star table topper is easy and quick to make. Plan to make more than one—your friends and family will surely want one too! Following these easy-to-quilt instructions available for download below, you will have the perfect quilted table topper for special events as well as every day DIY decor.

Download Free Star Quilt Pattern (Note: This pattern was updated on July 13, 2012)

Ozark Star Table Topper DVD

Star Quilts E-Book

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84 thoughts on “Ozark Star Quilt – Table Topper

  1. I record your programs,love your show,and appreciate being able to learn from your work.Would love to see more about crazy quilting,I don't have a machine that you can program in the design as in the scissor case design though,but would love to know how to make a crazy quilt from the start. Thankyou.

  2. I have the rulers and I am excited about trying this pattern out. I wonder if you will do an episode about adding the backing. Especially on a shape like this. Thanks for being to wonderful. Christy

  3. Thank you for the pattern and video on TV. A great job breaking down the pattern so it is easiest to put together. I liked the input from a newer and experienced quilter. Great Mother and Daughter team.

  4. I generaly prefer to sew garments. However after watching your show I decided to down load this pattern. I believe I could actualy make this. You broke it down when you demonstrated with all the sedctions. I can't wait to start. Thanks. I do enjoy the show.
    Jackie R.

  5. Was so excited to see this project, ran out and got the templates but couldn't find the pattern til today. Thank you for allowing it to be downloaded. YOU MADE MY DAY, now to go cut it out and complete it on my new sewing machine.

  6. Thanks for following up promptly with my question. I hope I can now figure out how to go to the patterns you do on the show, which I watch like a guy watches Men in Black. I get nothing done on Sat morns for watching the quilting/sewing shows.

  7. I absolutely love your shows. You explain directions so clearly. I record and go back to watch if I forgot something. Thanks for sharing. Rose

  8. This design and project will make super Christmas gifts for family and friends. The presentation on how to put this together makes this easier than I thought.

  9. Thank you for the pattern. I will make my newly wed grand daughter a table topper for their first Christmas. Enjoy your show. It is fun seeing Mother, daughter team. I am envious. I haven't gotten my daughters interested yet. I think it will be grand daughters to carry on in my family.

  10. Thank you for the Ozark Star pattern. It is the perfect size for the table center. I can just see it. Finding your tv progrram was like finding a treasure. I wait for Thursday afternoons.

  11. thank you for the pattern–some of my husband's ancestors are from the 'wiregrass' of alabama–I think he will like in Christmas fabrics–tank you

  12. I'm also anxious to try this, but I want to play around with the size and, using Christmas fabrics, adapt it to poinsettia placemats. Wish me luck!

  13. Unfortunately not all of your viewers are able to "see" the info on your site. I'm one of them who can't figure how to download a PDF file. Can you help? Maureen

  14. My quilting club instructor showed us how to make this table topper. It was made even easier with use of the rulers. The experienced sewers/quilters made it in a couple of hours. As a beginner sewer/quilter, even I found the pattern easy enough to follow. Thanks! Eugenia

  15. I've made several now and found with the template ruler you could substitute the outside point section with a single star point for a different look. Love the quality of the rulers and your designs.