Baby Genius Synapse Quilt

Baby Genius Synapse Quilt

Featured in the Fall 2011 Issue of Easy Quilts, this baby quilt pattern is perfect for entertaining your little ones. The perfect kid quilt, this free crib quilt pattern can be the perfect present for the new mother in your life. A brightly colored quilt border finishes off this quilt pattern with style.

For instructions on how to create Baby Genius Synapse quilt pattern, please click on the link below.

Quilt Instructions

Best of Fons and Porter: Baby and Kids Quilts Book

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13 thoughts on “Baby Genius Synapse Quilt

  1. I have been looking for a cute baby quilt for my 2nd son's 1st baby and this is going to be it. Thanks, but of course all of my grandchildren are genius' {or is it geniuses or genius's?}. I guess someone should have made me a baby genius quilt when I was developing my intelligence. LOL

  2. Cute pattern but wastes alot of fabric. So many corners cut away and tossed out. A sign of the times I guess. I am going to try cutting just squares and strips from interesting material. It’s the fabric choice that makes the quilt anyway. Setting the squares on point and sewing the rows on the diagonal seems to make more sense. You could make the squares out of two fabrics from half-squares for variety.