Free Bed Sized Quilting Pattern – White Chocolate

Free Bed Sized Quilting Pattern - White Chocolate

This free bed sized quilt pattern is perfect for a making a matching bedspread thanks to the complimentary matching quilted pillow pattern. This bold quilt is perfect for making a statement as a part of your bedroom DIY decor. Featured in the Summer 2011 Issue of Easy Quilts.

For instructions on how to create White Chocolate, please click on the link below.

Quilt Instructions

Pillow Instructions

TQM Binding Tool

Quilt Piping Video Lesson

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21 thoughts on “Free Bed Sized Quilting Pattern – White Chocolate

  1. Pattern looks like it's an easy one to follow and can be made bigger if that's what you want. You can buy all the books and not find what you want. Just check out the internet and get a pattern free.

  2. cannot get the quilt pattern to load for the white chocolate pattern. this is the third request i have sent. please look into this issue so i can down load it. thank you.

  3. I have tried to download this pattern several times. I love the pattern but I cant seem to get it. Is there some other way to get the pattern for this quilt?

  4. I finally got it to download after several tries. Also you have to have patience for the PDF to load. Then I choose to open the file, when I try to save it. And then I save it to the computer.