Four Table Toppers

Four Table Toppers

Brighten your home for spring with one of the four table toppers included here. We’ve chosen patterns for every skill level, so there’s one that’s just right for you. These projects go together quickly, so you may want to make some as gifts for family and friends.

Spring Daisies
By Debbie Mumm. Made by Nancy Kirkland. Machine Quilted by Anita Pederson. 

Size: 33″ × 33″
Blocks: 4 (9″) blocks 

Bow Tie
By Jenny Doan. Machine quilted by Ron Doan

Size: 33″ × 33″
Blocks: 36 (4″) blocks

Blue Diamonds
By Megan Franck. Made by Cindy Hathaway

Size: 16″ × 44″

Alice’s Pickle Dish
By Darlene Zimmerman

Size: 18½” × 44½”

Click here to download free instructions on binding scalloped edges.

To learn more about Debbie, Jenny, Megan and Darlene visit our Designer’s page.

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3 thoughts on “Four Table Toppers

  1. In my copy of this magazine the pages containing these four items Contained VERY LIGHT PRINTING. Therefore colors and instructions were not identifiable. Would like to have better patterns. Thanks.

  2. Dear M. Hutchison. I can mail to you the "Alice's Picle Dish Pattern, in color. Red, White (main fabric) and blue. My only problem is finding out what type of batting to use, as my copy had a smeared section over the materials section. I am if you want an e-mail copy.

  3. What a disappointment…. I love your magazine. I tried to download stars of hope, offered in your Nov.-Dec. issue
    I got the runaround… very unpleasant experience