Forever in Blue Jeans

Forever in Blue Jeans

Transform old jeans and favorite scrap fabrics into a sturdy denim quilt. Simple to make, start with circles and 5″ print squares to create
cathedral window blocks-the method is simply in-jeanious.

Finished Size: 60″ × 70″
Finished Blocks:168 (5″) squares

Save time and work: Download a digital pattern from our store instantly. 

Rating: Easy

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12 thoughts on “Forever in Blue Jeans

  1. Love this!! I have always love the Cathedral quilt pattern and have always loved denim! Wish I could get my scissors and start cutting all those pants legs I've been saving! Prob don't need to buy a thing for this!!

  2. My grandmother made many quilts using this pattern. When I visited her (once a year) I asked her to show me how to do this pattern. I still have pillows that she made out of polished cotton fabric. They are beautiful.

  3. Finally decided what to make with my dad's overall's and shirts. When I saw the Forever in Blue Jeans quilt, I knew I found what I had been looking for. It is perfect for my memory quilt in honor of dad.

  4. Has anyone made this using varying shades/weights of jeans? I'm just wondering how that would turn out. Also, do you use a denim needle? Would love to see any finished products.

  5. I am making this now with my dad's overall's. They are not all the same shade of denim. I think it will turn out fine. I wish there was an easy way to cut out all the circles, but it is slow go for me. I have not heard of a denim needle, but am using denim thread. This is a learning project for me making a memory quilt out of my dad's clothes. The squares will be made using his shirts.

  6. I purchased the pattern — so you just trace and cut the circles out free hand with a scissors? Just worried about the accuracy and wanting to make sure I'm understanding it correctly.

  7. After my mom died she left me several cathedral window quilts to finish. They were all sizes of circles. She must have loved circles. When I saw the Forever … Quilt I loved it. My mom would set in her chair and watch Fons and Porter then go to her sewing area and make what she saw them do. My family has lots of Quilts.

  8. I have been using the pocket sections from old family cast-offs for years to make potholders. I saw this and knew I had the jeans to do this. What a blast! I used a good portion of both my denim scraps and my stash scraps. I satin stitched all of the edges instead of fraying them. It takes a lot of work, but the effect on the back of the quilt is worth the effort.

    1. Hi. I’m in the middle of making this quilt (I’ve sewn most of the denim circles together) and I was considering satin stitching as an alternative to the frayed edges. If you have a photo of the effect I’d love the see it. Thank you 🙂