Fond Memories Quilt

These whirling pinwheel blocks were made with reproduction prints for a vintage look, but you could use bright prints for a child or florals for a gardener. Diane Tomlinson used reproduction prints to create this classic quilt. Use the Fons & Porter Whirling Pinwheel Template set to make the cutting easy. Give it a whirl using your favorite fabrics. This fat quarter friendly project was featured on episode 2611 of Fons & Porter’s “Love of Quilting.”

Finished Size: 64″ × 80″
Finished Blocks: 20 (16″) blocks
Rating: Intermediate

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Designed by Diane Tomlinson


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6 thoughts on “Fond Memories Quilt

  1. I have just purchased the above pattern from Fons and Porter and find that the pattern pieces are matching up. When I fit the A piece into the B and C pieces the A piece is about 1/4 to 1/2″ wider which is going to throw my block off. I have tried printing it differently but nothing works.

  2. Can someone tell me how to cut out the pieces for the “A” pattern in order to get ten from a fat quarter. I watched the Love of Quilting TV show when it was on and I was sure that they cut strips and then placed the template on the strips and cut them out. When I do that I can only get three strips that are wide enough for the template and then I can only get three pieces from each strip. Any suggestions or even a diagram as to how to cut the fabric? I have fabric left, but nothing large enough to get another “A” pattern piece.

    1. Hello – our apologies for the confusion! You are correct – the directions from the show differ from the approach you take to get 10 “A” pieces from one fat quarter. Fons & Porter Sewing Specialist, Colleen Tauke, put together a diagram for cutting 11 “A” pieces from one fat quarter after doing so herself. Click here for the diagram. And, again, our sincerest apologies for the oversight! ~Carrie

      1. Thank you for your help. I was anxious to get started so I cut the pieces in a similar manner in order to get 10. The layout that I used was different but accomplished the same goal.. I was concerned that not all of the pieces were from the same direction in the fabric, but they were all on the grain which is important.