3 thoughts on “Fabric Storage

  1. great idea for small amounts of fabric. When I saw this I remembered all the zippered bags I have from comforter sets or sheet sets. They would be great for the larger amounts of fabric that I have — I would be able to see them through the clear plastic but they would stay clean from the dust. Thanks for the idea!!!

  2. I have a huge stash of fabric of all sizes and have tried innumerable ways to store it and still be able to readily access it. Finally found the perfect system for me. I have my local fabric shop save the empty flat cardboard bolts – the ones that open flat into one large piece of cardboard. I open it up and using a rotary cutter with a dedicated blade I use for non-fabric and cutting mat I cut it into four equal pieces cut the two end pieces at the beginning of the hinges then cut the hinged pieces off the remaining large piece and cut it in half. You now have four similar size pieces of cardboard. Take your fabric – half yard and larger pieces are what I do this way,fold it in half lengthwise then wrap the fabric around and pin the end. It actually ends up looking like the half bolts some stores carry. If you can get those do it cos they work great. I always press my fabric before wrapping and it's always ready to go. I also keep an index card for each fabric with a swatch pasted on it, the current yardage, the maker and the pattern name or manufacturers production number. It also contains the location of the fabric – ie: A31 – cabinet A row 3 cubbyhole 1 ( I store my fabric in shelves with cubes large enough to hold the bolts). With almost 7,000 yards in my stash I have to know where to look! I am now in the process of converting the cards to my tablet which I was dreading until my daughter suggested I just take pics of each of the cards instead of typing all the info and photographing each fabric. When the info on the card changes I just take a
    New photo to reflect the change. The virtual file is great cos when shopping I can just pull it up as needed. I also use my phone when shopping to take photos of fabrics that catch my eye for later reference.