Embroidered Basket Quilt Design

Embroidered Basket Quilt Design
As featured on our show #707 (Vintage Handkerchiefs) here are downloadable machine embroidered basket design files, created by Bernina® of America educator Faith Reynolds.

Patterns in Artista V4 format (.zip file)

Patterns in Artista V1 format (.zip file)

Patterns in CSD format (.zip file)

Patterns in EXP format (.zip file)

Patterns in HUS format (.zip file)

Patterns PCS format (.zip file)

Patterns in PES format (.zip file)

Patterns in SEW format (.zip file)


Solvy Water Soluble Stabilizer

Fons & Porter Pressing Sheet/Multi Purpose

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15 thoughts on “Embroidered Basket Quilt Design

  1. You should have software to convert from one format to another. I use Embird to convert my files, very inexpensive compared to most software produced by machine mfr. Available by download…

  2. These are embroidery files that were given to us by Faith Reynolds of Bernina of America. You need to have an embroidery machine in order to use these files. If you have a converter program or box you should be able to convery these to the format that your embroidery machine recognizes. For example I can only use PES formatted files on my machine but I have a software program that can convert an EXP file to PES. – Cindy H