Four Patch Quilt Blocks Made With Strip Sets Sew Easy Lesson

Try this easy method for making four patch quilt blocks from strip sets. Traditionally, these type of quilt blocks are on the slow side. You cut your quilting fabrics the right length, you connect each of the four units separately, then combine the bottom row, the top row and then finally the finished block. Talk about a lot of steps for something so simple! This Sew Easy lesson makes quick work of four patch blocks – we doubt you’ll ever go back to the traditional way of making these!

Getting Started

Quilter Rebecca LoGuidice developed this method for making four patch quilt blocks from strip sets. Use her clever technique to make a larger number of four patch units quickly and easily.

Photo A
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1. To determine width to cut quilt strips for strip sets, add 1/2″ to finished size of an individual square. (For example, for the Chenille Snuggle Quilt, strips are cut 3″ wide so the squares finish 2 1/2″.) Cut 2 light strips and 2 medium/dark strips this width.

2. Join 1 light strip and 1 medium/dark strip to make a strip set. (Photo A) Press seam allowances toward dark strip. Make 2 strip sets.

3. Straighten left end of 1 strip set. Mark stitching lines on wrong side of strip set. For first line only, measure from straightened left edge of strip set to a point 1/4″ larger than finished size of an individual square, draw stitching line on strip set (Photo B). (For the 2 1/2″ finished squares in the Chenille Snuggle Quilt, mark the first stitching line 2 3/4″ from the left end.) For remaining stitching lines, measure from previous drawn line 1/2″ further than the desired finished size of an indivdual square, and draw a line across strip set (Photo C). (For the 2 1/2″ finished squares in the Chenillle Snuggle Quilt, mark line 3″ away from first line.) Continue marking stitching lines across strip set at determined interval.

4. Place marked strip set atop unmarked strip set, right sides facing and straightened left ends aligned (Photo D). Opposite colors should face one another. Place pins on both sides of each drawn line.

5. Stitch across strip sets on drawn lines (Photo E).

6. Place strip sets on cutting mat with first drawn line on left edge. Place 1/4″ line of ruler on stitching line, and cut along right edge of ruler (Photo F). In the same manner, cut 1/4″ to the right of each stitching line. Press completed four patch units open (Photo G).

Photo D
Photo E Photo F

Photo G
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Be sure your ruler is lined up along edge of strip set so drawn stitching line is straight.

Download free printable instructions for Easy Peasy Four Patch Quilt Units

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  1. I never thought about marking the lines on the strip. I was taught to just keep measuring by moving the ruler to cut each square. Thank you for this helpful tip.