Dog Daze & Feline Frenzy Quilt

Dog Daze & Feline Frenzy Free Quilt Pattern

Featured in the Love of Quilting November/December 2010 issue, this beautiful dog and cat quilt pattern is perfect for animal lovers. We hope that you enjoy this freebie – perfect for any occasion! Get more accurate piecing and efficient quiltmaking by watching our free quilting video tutorial, Sew Easy: How to Use Paper Foundation!

Find the FREE quilt pattern download in the links below!

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54 thoughts on “Dog Daze & Feline Frenzy Quilt

  1. I am super new to quilting and can't seem to understand the Dog Daze pattern . . . I cut the pieces out on paper to fit them together before I started sewing, but they don't match up and I am confused. . . can anyone lend me a hand . . .
    I'd be FOREVER grateful!! Thanks!!

  2. For those who have had downloading issues, don't rush to see the entire thing. It take a while to download the 18 pages. I had the same issue, the last time I started the download and went and got breakfast. When I came back it had completed the download.

  3. I have made the star block, but it is not at all squared up. I am assuming it should be 8" finished. I tried to see if the pattern worked taped together, but it does not. Has anyone else come up against this and if so, what did you do?

  4. I too had problems with this pattern. I finally figured out that the 2 smaller pieces of the star block were printed backwards as was one of the pieces of the mouse block. Reversed them and the star block comes out.

  5. Hello, this download is working as of 7/13/12. If you have a slow Internet connection, your computer may "time out" before it can get the entire pattern downloaded.

  6. What happened to page 2? It was blank when printed, and in the printer preview. Guess the instructions for the dog block are the same as the cat on Page 3.

  7. Hi jwickey, the finished block size can be found on the top left hand corner of the pattern. It looks like the finished block size is 10"x12" and the star/mouse blocks are 8". Hope this helps. Mandy C.

  8. tried to download this pattern but Adobe says there is an error and couldn't do it. Has anyone else had this problem. first time for me.

  9. First page is jumbled with a notation that there's an error on page and that F&P should be notified to correct the error. Can't wait to make this adorable quilt!

  10. I opened up the file and got the same thing with page 2, kind of garbled etc. I closed it and downloaded it again and it seemed to come up just fine. Maybe try that.

  11. OK, there have been a number of problems obtaining this pattern. I also am unable to print beyond page 2 and can't find my download. Why isn't this getting fixed?

  12. I downloaded this pattern a long time ago. This January I did the pattern. I made it for my neighbor Sharon who has three little dogs. I call them the welcoming comittee when I go to visit. I made 8 little Dog blocks and 4 music note blocks (paper piece free pattern from Craftsy) and 4 crazy patch blocks with the scraps I alternated the blocks to make a larger quilt.I joined the blocks with fleese strips. It turned out lovely. I call my interpretation of this pattern. "Sharon's welcoming commtitee. " I certainly appreciate you sharing this pattern. I would post a picture for you, if I could.

  13. Right click on the link "Download the Instruction" and choose Save Target As and pick a place to save it to. It is a .pdf file and will need Acrobat Reader to open it.

  14. The direct link is here:

    It is a rather large and colorful download so it takes a minute or two to download. Make sure you give it the time it needs to download and open up for you. Otherwise, as bonafide49 has previously posted, right click and download it directly into your computer and then open it up to read it. Make sure you have Adobe Reader in your computer so this pattern will open for you. Enjoy!

  15. My sister would adore this. I’d love to get a copy to make it for her. I’ve followed all the links in the comments and eventually get to a page that says it has been moved. Continued with this but it just ends up at this same point. Is there a new link please?

  16. This pattern says to click on the link below but I don’t find anywhere to click on any link. Is this pattern too old and not available to get any longer?