2 thoughts on “Crazy Quilt

  1. I enjoyed this story very much. Marianne should write more stories, she is as talented in writing as she is in quilting. I do not have a crazy quilt but I have quilts that my grandmother made from pieces of family clothing or scraps left over from sewing a dress or item from one of us many grandchildren. Many times I have sat, fingering the fabric remembering who had an article of clothing made from this piece, or wondering what another piece could have been. I have enjoyed memories from those old quilts.

  2. Great story Marianne! Write more. You have always seemed like a good hearted person. I made a quilt out of old jeans and plaid pants from the 1970's that my three sons wore. Now they are in their late 40's and their sons always fought over who got to use the quilt when they stayed all night at my house. I will have to cut it in pieces so they each can have part of the past with them.
    I hope you can keep on doing what you do for a long time. Liz needs to come back too.