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When making continuous bias binding, slip the fabric tube over the end of an ironing board. You can cut the bias with one hand as you turn the tube with the other.
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continuous bias binding instructions
instructions for forming the bias tube from which to cut long bias strips for binding:
cutting two stips of binding on the 45 angle
Remember reading a tip I read in Fons and Porter magazine that showed how to cut two strips of binding on the the 45 degree angle together then just sew them together. I have been seacihng through all of my magazines and cannot find that tip. Think it was this year. ??? Thanks anyone, N. Jarrett
bias binding
What do you mean fabric tube? I'm confused, need a picture to see what you mean.
bias bindin
I need to know how to sew the ends together on the bias.
more clarity needed
my mind boggles on this tip...


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