Coffee Buzz Quilt

Coffee Buzz - Free Quilt Pattern

Featured in the September/October 2010 Issue of Love of Quilting, this free quilt pattern is perfect for those of you with a love of coffee. Tilted quilt block add a new look to this pattern along with a beautiful border.

For instructions on how to create Coffee Buzz, please click on the link below.

Download the How to Quilt Instructions


Fusible Applique Master Class

Fons and Porter’s Pessing Sheet


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10 thoughts on “Coffee Buzz Quilt

  1. I find this quilt both fancinating and beautiful — except that I will change the very outside wide strip to be either a wide brown or a narrow dark brown and then one of the patterns already in the blocks. While the outside border light pattern does go with the coffee theme, it doesn't appear anywhere else in the quilt and that, to me, makes it destracting.

  2. I love the look of this. Being a coffee lover it fits with my personality. i have collected coffee fabrics from all over the U.S. and now I have found the project for them.

  3. I had this pattern saved from the 2010 issue. I recently finished it but I did my somewhat different. I used the basic plan but instead of coffee mugs I machine embroidered coffee sayings and appliqued them on to the squares. Also I decided I didn't want it done on the slant. I used a print with coffee cups for the centers and lots of coffee colored fabrics. So mine is different but wouldn't have been done if I hadn't had your inpiration.

  4. This was the second ever quiot i made and it turned out wonderfully. Wish I could post a picture and show you how it turned out. Very good intructions, easy to follow for a beginner!