Catch Those Colors

I am not a firm believer in laundering all of my fabric before quilting with it. I am a fairly new quilter and if I give a quilt to someone I have started giving them a sheet of Shout Color Catcher to put in the washer the first time they do launder the project. I found it is a good product to catch color bleed in the wash.

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9 thoughts on “Catch Those Colors

  1. Color Catchers are absolutely awesome. They have come to my rescue more than once. I don't usually prewash either, but if I do I find I can wash all colors and shades of F/Q's together in the same load as long as I use these miraculous little helpers.

  2. I always prewash new fabric unless it is a kit. It never goes to the sewing room until it is washed and dried. Every fabric shrinks and bleeds at a different rate. I use salt water or vinegar. to set the color. Better to be safe than sorry (that has happened to me). Especially reds and some navy blues. When washing a completed kit I will try the Color Catchers.

  3. Daughter brought me a flannel quilt with very bright blocks and white background to machine quilt. I grabbed a color catcher for her to include with the gift.

  4. I've found that the color catchers can be used more than once. If they aren't exceptionally dark, I have put them through another load and had results as good as a new sheet. Nice way to save some money as well. Love this great product!

  5. Loved all the commentary from viewers! I always, always color set my fabric with a solution of 1/2 cup vinegar and 1/4 cup table salt added to enough warm water to just cover the fabric, like colors with like colors. Prior to placing the freshly boughten or chosen fabrics in the color set water, I always, always serge the cut ends of each piece!! I also then baste those serged ends together so that when I am done with the color setting, pre-washing and drying of the fabric, I can better judge how much shrinkage each piece really had!