Bratwurst Dish

Patricia M. Wondra

Patricia says, "I made up this recipe years ago when we were having a blizzard in Wisconsin, and I could not get out to the grocery store. When I looked in the freezer to find meat for supper, I found 5 brats. We were a family with 6 children so I needed to "stretch" those brats. Little did I know it would be such a hit!

4-6 bratwurst sausages
1 1 qt. 14oz. can tomato juice
2 c. macaroni, uncooked

1) Cut the bratwurst into 1/2 inch "wheels" and brown. (You may remove the sausage casing if you prefer)
2) Drain off the grease but leave the brown residue on the bottom of the pan as it adds flavor.
3) Add the tomato juice to the brats and let simmer.
4) Meanwhile, cook the macaroni in water until cooked to your liking.
5) Add the pasta to the brats and tomato juice. When hot, it is ready to serve.

Serves about 4-6. This recipe is the all time favorite of our family and friends. You can increase the amount or decrease the amount easily by adding or subtracting the amounts you use.

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