You Can Piece Curves!

Is there a quilt pattern you’d love to make, but you shy away because it involves curved piecing?  Take heart, curves are not scary at all when you know how!

Piece Curves!

In this Craft Daily class, Jodie Davis teaches you two ways to sew perfect curves; one the traditional pieced route and the other paper piecing.

In this video you will learn:

  • To piece curves the traditional way with a simple, methodical technique that lets your sewing machine do the work.
  • How to use a foundation to sew curves
  • How to make the ever-popular Drunkard’s Path Block

Jodie will show you several blocks and demonstrate different curves.

Click the photo below to watch the video

Piece Curves!


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One thought on “You Can Piece Curves!

  1. I am a new to quilting as of Fall 2010. And ever since I have started I can’t seem to stop! I know with quilting, doing curves can be the most difficult, but after watching this video and trying these techniques out, I can sew curves like a boss now! By being able to do curves, you can make your quilts look that much better. 😀 If you want to see some of the quilts I have made and are working on visit my website Happy Quilting!!